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The TeleMed2U team appreciates the complexities healthcare facilities face in providing around-the-clock specialty services especially in remote areas where physician shortages exist. In addition to offering easy access to quality care our specialists will help to enhance your organization’s revenues and compliance as well as improve productivity and satisfaction among your care team.

The facility retains control of all patient care and the attending physicians maintain authority over the patient care plan. Our intervention has no negative impact on their ability to bill their professional fees. We simply bring efficiencies by providing specialists when you need them to deliver the best possible outcomes. Here are a few of the ways TeleMed2U may add value to your organization:

  • Improve Quality Assurance:
    • Required Specialist Program Development
    • Earlier Intervention, Improved Outcomes
    • Continuous Quality Improvements
  • Improve Patient Retention & Satisfaction
  • Reduce Costly Transfers
  • Reduce Risks Associated with Specialty Diagnoses
  • Increase On-Call Coverage
  • Reduce ICU: Length of Stay, Outliers & Mortality Rates
  • Lower Incidence of Complications
  • Decrease Ancillary & Pharmaceutical Costs
  • Minimize Disruptions
  • Increase Care Consistencies
  • Improve Patient Triage & Flow
  • Improve Attending Physician Satisfaction & Confidence
  • Family Members May Participate During the Consultation
  • Create Competitive Advantage, Market Differentiation
  • Improve Physician Recruiting Capabilities

Serving You Is Our Privilege

Let us show you how quickly and easily you can incorporate TeleMed2U specialists into your patient care. Contact us today to provide you with a free business consultation. We consider it a privilege to serve you.

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